How Can The MolecuLight i:X Assist Your Wound Care Efforts?

The MolecuLight i:X has helped wound care professionals globally by allowing them to use fluorescence imaging technology for the detection of wounds containing elevated bacterial burden (>104 CFU/g)* at the point-of-care. The MolecuLight device can be used on all wounds, in all care settings.
The reimbursement pathway for the MolecuLight i:X procedure  (for "fluorescence imaging in wounds of bacterial presence, location and load"1,2) comes with:
  • 2 CPT Codes for physician work in almost any Place of Service
  • A facility payment through an APC assignment for Hospital Outpatient and ASC settings
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* when used in combination with clinical signs and symptoms
1 Release of 2 New Category III Codes for Real-time Fluorescence Wound Imaging to the AMA website (Updated July 1, 2020)
2 AMA 2020 CPT Manual all rights reserved.